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Rational vs. emotional

Even when they are subsequently rationalised, decisions are made intuitively at first. And intuition is based on a person’s emotional experience. We need it to be able to react quickly at decisive moments. This is why LOVE SCORE analyses the emotional experiences that a target group has had with your brand.


Making relationships measurable

LOVE SCORE uses a combination of traditional research parameters – such as brand image, uniqueness or readiness to purchase – and emotional scoring. This enables us to determine not only precisely the relationship pattern (partnership of convenience, friendship, love, etc.) in which the brand and the target group exist, but also the emotional drivers (trust, curiosity, passion, envy, etc.) behind it. Because it is these emotional drivers that ultimately decide which product a consumer would like to have the most.


Time is money

The surveys are conducted online in a direct and uncomplicated manner. LOVE SCORE employs a carefully thought-out questionnaire and an evaluation algorithm which are readily applicable. An extensive recruiting database is available for subject selection. Using this database, a subject group corresponding precisely to the target group can be quickly compiled for any test. This is why LOVE SCORE can already deliver the finished analysis about five working days after briefing. And offer it at an extremely efficient price.
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