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We all remember the little notes with the three answer boxes: Do you want to go out with me? Yes. No. Maybe. It’s the simplest way to find out what your chances are. It’s a question that’s just as relevant between people as between people and brands. LOVE SCORE translates these good old notes into brand and research. It’s how we ascertain what kind of relationship exists between your target group and your brand.
And why.


Relationship with the brand

Distant acquaintances? Close friends? Passionate affair? Annoying ex?

A relationship between brand and consumer is just that: a relationship. And that’s how we investigate it. Because if you know why the target group feels the way it does, you can approach it in the right way. Ensuring that the contact isn’t just a quickie, but something meant to last.


Emotions by numbers

What kind of relationship is it? Why is it like that? What are the emotional drivers behind brand preference and readiness to purchase? To find out, we combine traditional research parameters (such as brand image and readiness to purchase) with emotional scoring.


Efficiency and quality

LOVE SCORE works with a high-quality online panel and an extensive recruiting database. This is why you already receive your evaluation about five working days after the briefing. And it comes at a price that you simply have to love.

Love Score
To the point.

  • Decisions are almost always made intuitively
  • LOVE SCORE finds the key drivers behind them
  • Clear, easily understandable evaluation due to analogies with human relationships
  • Fast results from just EUR 2,990